Yoni Steam Info and Guides

    Here are some super helpful Tips and Guides on how to get an effective Cleanse when utilizing the Yoni Steam.
    I craft 4 standard blends: Disinfecting (ReGenerate), Cooling (ReLax), Gentle (ReNourish), and Cleansing (ReJuvenate) blends. Other Blends are available as well. Symptoms or history will determine which blend is just right for you. Steam Herbs can also be used as Herbal Baths and teas. 
    • Is the Yoni Steam for Me?
    Yoni Steaming a.k.a Bajo, is recommended for any WombMan that has started her menstrual cycle. Steaming is Not a cleaning of the outer, douching of your inner WombManly area. They are meant to Help you Heal, ReLax and Detoxify Physically and Emotionally. It's purpose is to enrich your life by delivering healing and nourishing properties directly to the source...Your Womb. Steams can aid in painful menstruation brought on by build-up from previous cycles, uterine irregularities which cause the uterus to over work itself to clear the lining resulting in cramping and bloating. Steaming dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood circulation to the vulva, causing it to swell and exposing the inner labial mucus membranes. These tissues are very sponge-like and absorbent, allowing the medicinal oils and nutrients to enter the bloodstream and then be carried into the inner reproductive system including the uterus and beyond. Providing oxygen, and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Aiding with ridding the lining of the uterine wall of old residue that will now be released during your next cycle, reduce bloating, reduce cramps, lighten heavy periods, regulate discharge, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tighten skin and nourish the reproductive organs.  ***DO NOT Steam while on your Menses or if You are Pregnant at ANY Trimester (Contact Your Physician for Herbal use while pregnant), have an IUD or Open Wounds. Also, know your Allergens and Sensitivities. (I.e. Chamomile may have same affects as Ragweed, Chrysanthemum and Daisy.)
      • You Can and Should utilize Yoni Steams if you have or have had:
      Postpartum Users (1-12 months after giving birth if period has not returned)
      Long Menstrual Cycles (28 Days or Longer)
      Short menstrual cycles (27 days or less from period to period)
      Missing Periods/Periods Controlled by Contraceptives
      Interim bleeding, continual fresh spotting or heavy bleeding between periods.
      Yeast Infections
      Bacteria Infections
      Urinary Tract Infections
      Irregular Pap smears
      Cervical Dysplasia
      Vaginal Dryness
      Hot Flashes, Night Sweats
      • Yoni Steam Set Up and Usage:
      Things you'll need: Pot, bowl or pitcher, blanket, (large enough to fully wrap around yourself) and a quiet, tranquil place to steam. Two Bottles of Drinking Water to Stay Hydrated during Steaming or NIce Bowl of Fruit.
      • Each steam should have a 1cup herb to 1gal water ratio. You can use more or less of either water or herbs as you see fit, but to get an effective steam packed with all the noteworthy benefits; you'll want to keep it around 1cup to 1gal ratio.
      • Using a sizable pot (if you don't have one to hold the gallon, revamp to fit what you have) fill with water, then add herbs.
      • Bring to a boil for 10-15 minutes.
      • Remove from Heat and let steep for additional 5-10 minutes.
      • Pour herb mixture from pot and into your awaiting bowl or pitcher.
      • Take into area where you will be steaming (Be Extremely Careful!! this is where the pitcher comes in handy, if using pitcher; pour herb mix from pot to pitcher then to bowl) place bowl onto floor if you will be kneeling or squatting. If you have a Yoni Steam seat of any sort use that.
      • If you do not have a Yoni Steam Set you can simply place under a slotted chair/stool or even more convenient, place the bowl into your clean toilet bowl. Yes!! You heard me correctly, into your toilet bowl...it's your home, go on ahead, light a candle too. Lift the lid, place in the bowl, add herb mix and prepare to sit.
      • Before sitting upon the Steam Throne, it's always a good idea to Center yourself, prepare your body to receive the nourishing health benefits and your mind to receive relaxation and peace. You also need to check and then double check the temperature of the steam. You should be soothed, not singed. Your steam should last from 30-45 minutes. Add in deep pelvic breathing to assist the steam in reaching its heights.
      • After Steaming, Relax and lay down for about 1 hour wrapped in your favorite blanket. Apply a moisturiser to skin to avoid dryness. Try to stay away from drastic weather changes for 24hrs. 
        Steams should be performed 1-3 times a month and functioning with your cycle. (the 2 weeks Before and the Week after).
      • For Baths
      • Pour 1 Cup of Herbs into running water (additional Bubble Bath, Body Wash NOT NEEDED unless it is Unscented or you just Have to Have it.)
      • You can also place herbs into any clean linen, even a sock, tie and Voila! You have a Bath Teabag.
      • Fill tub to you desired level.
      • Your Water Should look like a delightful Tea.
      • Soak for 30mins or as long as you like!
        • NOTE: The information on this sight is intended for personal, religious or entertainment purposes. None of the information here is intended to replace medical attention. I Am Not a Doctor or Guru! I'm a Wombman who has found how to properly care for our most uncared for ,often times mistreated, Rip It Out if it Doesn't Work and At the Same Time...Our Most Sacred Part. Please do your research.