Smudge Cleansing Info and Guide

Smudging is a ritual performed for Thousands of Years by tribes of many lands and cultures to Cleanse the Home, Body and Spirit of Negative EnHergies. Energies that hang behind from past Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and even People. People, Places and Things hold onto Energy and in turn, that energy then connects with you and entangles itself with Yours. Why is it that when you go certain places, speak with certain people or even Think certain thoughts, you have an "Off Feeling." It's Energy of the Womb. You pick up on many EnHergies...Not just Negative ones, Smudging also brings in the Light, High Vibing Energy that we all need. Smudges are crafted with herbs like: Sage, Rosemary, Basil, Bay Leaves, Lemon Grass, Cedar and a host of other Powerful, Spiritual, Medicinal and Cleansing herbs. Most are given with a small bottle of Holy Oil to douse around while Smudging. Here at The Queen's Stash, I douse the Smudge Wands with Holy Oil prior to drying to let all of the Blessings, Hopes and Good Intentions I have for you sink in during the process. All you have to do is Light and Release. Smudging can be preformed as often as you like, it's aromatherapy qualities and fragrant smell will be a welcomed incense in you home.

How Is Smudging Done?

Things You'll Need:

  • The very 1st and Most Improtant thing you'll need for a Truly Reinvigorating, Centering, Soothing Smudge is Prayer and Good Intentions. These set forth the Mood or Energy you will be filing your Body or Home with in the form of smoke.(You Do not Directly Inhale the Smoke.)
  • Your favorite Battle Scripture or Incantations
  • Smudge Wand or Single Leaves of herbs
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Abalone Shell or ashtray (to catch any ashes or debris)
  • A Feather or small fan (for fanning the flame to stay lit)
Light your smudge and let it burn itself out, you don't have to blow out the flame.
If Cleansing your home, office space etc.: Slightly crack a window, not every window or a huge door, we want to hold in the smoke and it's essence and let it find it's way to escape with the negative energies on it's own. Walk through the space and recite your chosen words or scriptures. Go into each room letting the smoke flow through, ensure that the top corners of each space receives the smoke as well. In ancient times it was said that the corners hold the most energy as they bring and hold the walls and foundation together.
If performing a Body/Self Cleanse: Sit on the floor in a tranquil area (in a chair if you like), place the burning smudge wand in your Abalone Shell or holder about 1 foot in front of you. Breathe in and out deeply, meditation or prayer and manifestation go hand and hand with this. Allow our body to bring in Positive high energy vibes and release the Negative. Sit as long as you like.
After performing a Smudge you should feel more Relaxed, Centered and Focused.