Color Meanings Guidance & Reference

Color Meanings Guidance & Reference~


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Colors have various meanings depending on culture or geographic location. There are some universal meanings that can be seen across continents. Gemstones and Beads are often used for healing and spiritual needs. They are assigned different meanings based on their power. Below are some of the meanings that have been associated with each color and gemstone. We also encourage customers to search themselves and to do their own color research to determine what fits their own personal beliefs and purposes. Shop the $10 Waistbead Collection for a grand variety of colors. Buy 1 strand at $10 and Every Strand after is $5 Off.(Automatic Discount Applied in cart, Not applicable with other promo codes or discounts.)



·         ​Sensitivity, moon, fluidity, illumination, intuitiveness, reflection, clairvoyance
Related gemstones: labradorite
·         Illumination, sun, prestige, wealth, success, abundance, royalty, affluence
Related gemstones: amber, golden quartz 


·         Stability, reliability, comfort, wealth, security, practicality, earthy
Related gemstones: tiger's eye, tiger skin jasper, grain stone, chrysanthemum stone, golden quartzite


·         power, authority, formality, mystery, depth, discipline, ground, sophistication, blocks energy
Related gemstones: black jasper, black silk stone, hypersthene, spinel, onyx, obsidian


·         ​Connecting root with crown chakra, compromise, transition, impartial, reserved, conservative, steady
Related gemstones: gray quartz, black spotted feldspar, spider web jasper


·         Innocence, purity, simplicity, completion, wisdom, illumination, peace, higher consciousness
Related gemstones: moonstone, opal, quartz crystal, goshenite, pearl


·         Romance, femininity, nurturing, unconditional love, affection, gentle, kindness, compassion, hope
Related gemstones: rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodocrosite, lepidolite, pink soapstone


·         Root, intensity, love, passion, action, determination, ambition, confidence 
Related gemstones: red coral, red jasper, bloodstone, garnet, red aventurine


·         ​sacral, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, warmth, invigoration, stimulation
Related gemstones: fire agate, orange calcite, amber, carnelian


·         Solar plexus, self-knowledge, cheerfulness, concentration, energy, practicality, clarity
Related gemstones: citrine, amber, honey calcite, golden fluorite


·         Heart, balance, harmony, renewal, rebirth, growth, fertility, restoration, healing, compassion
Related gemstones: peridot, aventurine, emerald, malachite, jade, moss agate, chrysoprase


·         Throat, peaceful, calm, relaxation, trust, loyalty, sincerity, reliability, communication 
Related gemstones: turquoise, aquamarine, blue sapphire, sodalite


·         ​Third eye, intuition, perception, deep concentration, vision, self-knowledge
Related gemstones: lapis, howlite, iolite


·         Crown, imagination, spirituality, creativity, psychic awareness, mystical, unity, royalty
Related gemstones: amethyst, tanzanite, fluorite, lilac stone