About Us

Here at The Queen's Stash Adornments, I Pride Myself in making High Quality Pieces of Art that can be Called Jewelry. Made to Stand Up to the Best of The Best, by crafting with Czech, Japanese, Toho, Miyuki and Swarovski Crystals. Jewelry is taken to the next level of Class, Grace, Elegance and Sophistication. My Hand Beaded Adornments are meant for a bit More than just "Catching the Eye". They're made to bring Back the Feminine Vibrations that are Wombman. Every piece is Unique just like You and I, Edging You to Except, Embrace and Accentuate your God Given Features. Be Confident, Thankful and Excited to Be in Your Skin. Thank you for choosing to Journey With Me and...Voir Ce Que J'Ai Trouve! (See What I've Found)

 Smudge Cleansing is also a huge part of My Life now. It lightens the mood in my home and offers my family and I therapeutic relaxation. This practice is old, ancient, tried and true. I've found that it also helped me with my Spiritual Side and Mental as well by encouraging me to relax and take more time for myself, to stay Clear, Focused  and Ready for manifesting greatness into my Thoughts, Feelings and Life. As a Wombman, it is very important to find time for You, Healing You, Nurturing You and Loving You. We have to make that time, if you don't have time to Heal you're speeding toward self destruction. Find the Time.

Yoni Steaming has assisted with protecting with and revitalizing my inner most Strength, My Womb. Over the past 10 or so months of steaming I have seen so many of the benefits that it  has to bestow upon us. I will never go without this vital aspect of my Wombmanly Wellbeing. As I clearly state on the Yoni Steam Info/Guide; I Am Not A Doctor Or A Guru by any means. I am Simply a Wombman that has found a Long Living alternative to traditional medications that try to mimic what Medicinal Herbs have done since the beginning of time. This Gift was Shared to Me, and Now I Wish to Share This Gift With You. Again, Thank you for Sharing this Journey With Me.


Nati A. Sogoba


The Queen's Stash.