Waist Beads

Waist Beads in My Eyes are the Most Important Adornment a Woman (Worn by Children for Protection) Can Place on her Temple, they ooze Culture, Tradition and Appeal. Bead Colors and accents Hold Different Meanings and Intent, telling a story for the eyes. Lending Healing Energy to the Womb, allowing you to connect and be more mindful of the Powers It Holds. Aid in Centering your Mind so you can Focus and Multiply Your Inner and Outer Feminine Vibrations into Achieving Goals. And to Top it Off, They are Perfect Accentuates for Our Curves and a more Intuitive Way of Tracking Our Gains! Be Fearless, Sacred, Empowered and Always Be Adorned! 

Permanent (Tie On) strands or sets with closures for changing as you see fit.

** Please know your measurements Before Ordering.

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